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Premier Drone Productions (PDP) was formed by Bob McChesney a 20 Year veteran of Naval Aviation with over thirty years experience in military and general aviation. Now based in the greater Orlando Metro and Central Florida areas our team is ready to travel to all areas of the globe to deliver quality aerial products to our clients. We at PDP believe in two things: “by the book” drone aviation and high quality cinematic production. Our clients know they are getting aviation and cinematic professionals for their project. The combination of safe aviation practices and expert camera techniques fit perfectly in the ever growing US commercial drone industry.


My Navy flight training and aviation leadership as a Commanding Officer of a Navy Training Squadron has underscored the importance of Situational Awareness or SA and Crew Resource Management (CRM) in aviation. We train every day on the importance of mission communication (CRM) and maintaining SA when flying drones to focus on the safety of people and aircraft while completing the mission requirements with excellent results. Our pilots are all FAA certified and have completed their flight training under a strict curriculum covering Safety, Flight Preparedness, Flight Operations, Checklists, Emergency Procedures, US and Local Laws, Maintenance, Record Keeping, Weather, Photographic Techniques and Cinematic Camera Maneuvers. Just like an airline we are fully insured and certified by the FAA as pilots with a Certificate of Authorization to operate. We are procedure driven and process compliant and we train every day sharpening our proficiency in all of our skill sets. Our aim as professional drone operators is… Safe Mission Success with Cinematic Excellence!!!

Premier Drone Productions Drone Videography in Orlando FL
Premier Drone Productions Drone Videography in Orlando FL
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