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Premier Way

Each mission starts with robust mission planning including customer needs assessment with a comprehensive price proposal and a complete understanding of the statement of work.  We do not like surprises so our process is detailed and complete down to the finer points allowing us for a successful, safe mission with a quality product delivery.  The second main component of PDP is the quality of the deliverables in both video or photographic content.  We train everyday on aerial photographic and videography skill sets for shooting quality content for our clients.   We incorporate our expertise in camera settings, proper lighting, cinematic aerial movements, story creation and shot angles for every mission engagement.  We have experts who can film ground and aerial shots which we then craft into a compelling story for personal or commercial use.  Finally, we use very powerful post production editing tools the same ones used in the big film and photo industries.  Post production takes the cinematic shots and brings the content alive with beauty and personality  (music, voice and special effects) delivering your message or creating a story to be admired by your audience. Our goal again is to deliver Mission Success with Cinematic Excellence.

Premier Drone Productions Drone Videography in Orlando FL
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